Saturday, April 12, 2014

I guess so

Maybe i should learn to love myself first. I have lots to say.
I dont need much. I just need someone there for me when i need it. Im not as tough as you think.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


currently listenin to avril's complicated.
feelin better noh.
quite stress these few days.
thank you :) friends that can lend me a hand are not that much.
im glad to have them. <3
realised quite a few things these days.
1) do whatever you want before you run out of time
2) keep all your documents
3) everyone does judge you. as in assumin. yes i do too. so im kickin it away.
4) only your family and truly friends care. there is none of anyone's business when you are in trouble.
5) be grateful. it enlighten the mood.
i wonder if i heard it wrongly.
if it was you.
i know you are doin well for sure.
sorry that i wasnt brave enough to ask for your name.

Friday, March 28, 2014

late at night

currently listenin to xiang ni de ye.
really love this song most by her.


suddenly crossed my mind of the never ending card.
really wished it had reached you..........
can it reappear? i was too careless......

be grateful

i have so much of wants.
neglected the needs.
well, thinkin back i actually have quite lotsa things.
and this one is really my most needed things.
yes money. lets be a money magnet.
stay p o s i t i v e. :)

hmm bout the plane..
i hope they have actually landed somewhere and are all safe.
or they could try their best to let their family know through dreams..
if and only if they are left with their souls laaaa.
it would be really heartache for me if it happens to you noh.
i hope to see you real soon.
aaa it is not easy to see your butt right.
taken sooo long. unfair but well, worth it since you are my fish. :D
merci. <3

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


i dont like usin if anymore.
give me a wish please? i will use it wisely. just this one.
i wouldnt ask more than that.........

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


back to work. so have some pocket money at least.
wasnt that confident on da first day tho. second day is better. da system has changed. 2 hrs rest.
but i requested to be half an hour then i work later than othas. so have half a day free for myself. so cool.

went to somewhere. heard what i wanted to hear. feel relieved and thank you so much for helpin. i will study harder. more consistant. and i want him. doesnt have to be da best. as long as let me bully, love me, accept my alllll nonsense and weakness, im all enough. thank you again. it is all worth it <3

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


so today is my a ma's bday.
i forgot to give her a call. i was about to but then.. i said lta. then forget.
okie so i skype with my a ma. i was so shy. all i can say is a ma happy birthday.
first time i cannot speak. :/
so everybody laughed. then my a ma somemore wish me back. xD like more than i wish her. so fail yangel lim. and she asked if i miss her, i said erm a bit lo. then she said she is too. then she said left one angpao is mine one. :) hmm.. im glad that she remembers everyone. this is what i need. i want my family to rmb esp d old ones. :) thank you.
then my cousin passed da hp to everyone. gawt. i was sooo shy. aiz.
then till my cousin's bf. he said you cried? lol. idk his sixth sense or what. i did. thinkin of things idk and questions asked havent replied. like i have been played.
okie back to my story.
then till my mama. and i saw my brotha.
well my weakness is im too emotional. like seriously. i hate them then i love them very much. i mean my bro. idk why sometimes i hate him. but then once we talk da hate goes away.
hmm just hope he is blessed all da time. luck stays with him. 3rd gf kah meh appear. 25 le. must fasta get one that will be married one. xD