Sunday, October 12, 2014


A new post afta so long! My class starts tomorrow. Aaaa before that, i do love my orientation week!It was fun esp on da last day. Love those games.. Every of them! Thank you so much who helped me in applyin da school etc. Finally i'm here for my degree.. I will work my ass off for it tho.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Unprofessional hairstylist

Well, people's behaviour change depend on your money. True? Think of it yourself. So my bf is comin back this july and i just want to look good so i dyed my hair at a shop. And then before dyin i said i dont want it tooooo bright. He said just brighter than your current colour a bit. I said okie okie. Then da result is out said your hair is brighter than just now a bit bit. Alright cause all i can see from da mirror is my top hair is shiny. Couldnt even sure what colour it is. So i tot it is just lightin problem. But when everyone sees me 9 out of 10 gv me that face like why your top hair so bright and bla3. Doesnt suit u at all. Then one of my friend suggested me to wash it for two weeks and see da colour. But then after a week when my godma saw it she was shocked and wanted to ask for a mend. But otw walkin to his shop he saw us, he showed us da face like angry d. Then when my mama said her hair has three different colour then he replied she dyed her hair before how would i know what colour there is inside so the bottom colour is darker. And he said that he already told me da top colour and bottom colour is goin to be different. Then he lookin at me fiercely. Like gonna eat me. I swear i was so scared that im gonna admit he said that before, but that fact is he dint! He dint tell me that. He just said this colour u gonna dye is oin to be brighter than ur current colour. Thats it he told me! Never in my life before has someone lookin at me that way. Even my mama. Da face is so fierce like gonna punch me. Well im not askin for a refund or anythg. I jz hope my hair doesnt look that ba and he can do sth with it. But he dint wanted to discuss or anythg and dint want to take any responsibility. Ow yea it took me 3 hrs plus or four hrs for dyin this hair. da previous place wit this hair length he just took me 3 hrs at most and he did all my hair alone, without any helper. and anotha shop my friend went, she dyed her hair before too. then this friend she took three hrs to finish da dyin process. and she told me da hair stylist actually dyed her hair three different time so that da hair is same tone. Sigh. Im so unlucky. well i learn da lesson d. :) Hope i dont see u anywhere to spoil my appetite with your unrofessional behaviour. God bless your money as well your fame, if u have any.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disappointed with your reaction.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Thank you so much for helpin bro! Tho i hate u at timesss still i love u noh. Guess this is family love KOT. Sure got bu se de noh. Anyways i hope u are always blessed :') ha dinner with daddy. Yes this time da salad prawns are very fresh! Love them all! Im contented. THANK YOU. <3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Growin up

As i aged, realised that there are more things i have to carry. Still in "wanderin" state. Basically i got nth to do at this time. Am i gettin used to sleppin late? Thats just stupid. Saw two news, both are bout gossips on "hookin up" with rich guys. Yes money is indeed important. I have so many things to buy. I mean those sort of wantssss of mine. Without money, no chance to get any tho. Mayb i just need to stop spendin so much on unnecessary stuffs.. Saw anotha news. So there is a guy, he has a pretty gf. And he was happy that she is a virgin. But then he got her pregnant. And he brought her for abortion. All togetha for 3 times. And she becomes sterile :/ and since he is d only son, must have kids in da future, he gotta broke up with her. This is just nonsense and so unfair. How can u throw her away just like that. So cruel. Guys, man up! Take da responsibility. Zzzz.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I guess so

Maybe i should learn to love myself first. I have lots to say.
I dont need much. I just need someone there for me when i need it. Im not as tough as you think.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


currently listenin to avril's complicated.
feelin better noh.
quite stress these few days.
thank you :) friends that can lend me a hand are not that much.
im glad to have them. <3
realised quite a few things these days.
1) do whatever you want before you run out of time
2) keep all your documents
3) everyone does judge you. as in assumin. yes i do too. so im kickin it away.
4) only your family and truly friends care. there is none of anyone's business when you are in trouble.
5) be grateful. it enlighten the mood.
i wonder if i heard it wrongly.
if it was you.
i know you are doin well for sure.
sorry that i wasnt brave enough to ask for your name.

Friday, March 28, 2014

late at night

currently listenin to xiang ni de ye.
really love this song most by her.