Tuesday, November 26, 2013


so today is my a ma's bday.
i forgot to give her a call. i was about to but then.. i said lta. then forget.
okie so i skype with my a ma. i was so shy. all i can say is a ma happy birthday.
first time i cannot speak. :/
so everybody laughed. then my a ma somemore wish me back. xD like more than i wish her. so fail yangel lim. and she asked if i miss her, i said erm a bit lo. then she said she is too. then she said left one angpao is mine one. :) hmm.. im glad that she remembers everyone. this is what i need. i want my family to rmb esp d old ones. :) thank you.
then my cousin passed da hp to everyone. gawt. i was sooo shy. aiz.
then till my cousin's bf. he said you cried? lol. idk his sixth sense or what. i did. thinkin of things idk and questions asked havent replied. like i have been played.
okie back to my story.
then till my mama. and i saw my brotha.
well my weakness is im too emotional. like seriously. i hate them then i love them very much. i mean my bro. idk why sometimes i hate him. but then once we talk da hate goes away.
hmm just hope he is blessed all da time. luck stays with him. 3rd gf kah meh appear. 25 le. must fasta get one that will be married one. xD

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